Banking Companies Ordinance

The specific Banking Companies Ordinance was declared on the seventh June1962. It's been received in Bangladesh and is likewise pertinent to your saving money organizations Ordinance. Nothing of that law might agree to a co-agent bank enrolled underneath co-agent Investments Act (1912). The Board with respect to Directors takes that chance of articulating its heart-fell thankfulness and appreciation to the Government of your People's Republic in regards to Bangladesh and Bangladesh Lender, for their help, significant direction notwithstanding guidance gave to the bank from time to time.

Improvement of Modem Banking Institutions:

With the steady improvement of the managing an account framework all through the world, the sorted out and cutting edge saving money establishments appeared names of some of, which are given, in next page:


Foundation of Name of Bank Special Feature

1171 The Bank of Venice First sorted out bank world

1178 The Bank of Son Georgio The pioneer of America Mr. Columbus was the Hrst client of this bank.

1584 The Banco di Rialto First open bank gazed in Venice, which worked together both in the store and trade branches.

1556 The Bank of Sweden It is the state bank of Sweden. This bank has the credit of having designed Bank Notes-

1656 The Risk Bank of Sweden

1694 The Bank of England

1800 The Bank of France This is the national bank of France and it was set up by Nepolian.

1834 London Joint Stock Bank

Union Bank of England London Country Bank

In India, the main bank, The Bank of Hindustan was set up in 1700.Duringthe eighteenth and nineteenth century there was a few banks like, The Bank of Calcutta, Central Bank of India, The bank of Madras, and The Bank of Bombay built up.


The Banking Companies Ordinance was declared on the seventh June1962. This has been embraced in Bangladesh and is appropriate to the managing an account organizations as it were. Nothing of this mandate should apply to a co-agent bank enrolled under the co-agent Securities Act (1912).

Fundamental types of business of Banking Companies:

* Borrowing, raising or taking up cash.

* The loaning or progressing of cash either upon or without security.

* Dealing in securities and speculations.

* Other business as point by point in area 7.


The Negotiable instrument Act, 1881 is the administrative sanctioning of the Law identifying with three classes of Negotiable Instruments to be specific: Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange and Checks, which are in like manner commercial use in the money related guidelines. It came into power on first 1882.

The law identifying with debatable instruments is not the law of our nation or of one country. It is the law of the trade world as a rule. It comprises of " Certain standards of value use's of exchange, which general comfort and rational of equity had set up to direct the dealings in vendors and sailors on all the business nations of the enlightened world. "

Managing an account SYSTEM IN BANGLADESH:

The managing an account frameworks on the planet are primarily two sorts Such as "Unit Banking" and " Branch Banking or British Banking." In Unit Banking framework, there won't be more than one branch of a bank. Such sorts of banks are generally accessible in the distinctive conditions of USA. In the Branch Banking or British Banking framework, there will be a couple keeps money with their head workplaces in the city, which have a system of branches all through the nation. In Bangladesh, the Branch Banking or British Banking framework exists.